Guest Gallery

Scruggs Harbor Guests’ Gallery

We are now dedicating this page to our guests. Any testimonials, paintings, drawings, pictures taken by our guests will go here. Remember that you can click on the images to see the full size version.
Artist rendering of Shady Nook Beachfront house facing the Gulf of Mexico. The artist and family recently visited Shady Nook for a three week vacation. They left this watercolor painting as a gift and memento of their stay. Each cabin has a diary which guest are welcome to add too. Below is the last diary entry from the artist:

“On our arrival, after 17 hours of travel, we immediately felt the warmth and hospitality you have given this house. This was our most beautiful vacation ever. The privileged moments with a setting sun on the deck in the evening are exquisite and unforgettable. The atmosphere is not only relaxing, but is inspiring for all play and creative expressions. We have colored shells and made shell necklaces, we made sand castles and have beaten the pirates with our rubber boat, we have written, drawn and colored. The children (twins 2-1/2; 3-1/2) were never so in balance, they have loved the deck, the sand, the sea – each day different. You have created a haven of peace and a home for sea lovers. Our sincerest and warmest thanks…”

K and N from Brussels, Belgium